Casper Hauser aka Andy Watkins. Indie pop singer songwriter, from Headingley in Leeds. influences are huge, ranging from 60s beat groups to 70s early 80s post punk new wave.

Casper Hauser released his Debut download only LP "It's About Time" .
LP track "Double Glazing" was particulary well received, being played on Radio One as well as radio stations around the world.

Leading music industry figures, voted Casper into the top Five of "The Peoples Music Awards" 2009, and "Double Glazing" is to appear on the infamous Yorkshire Showcase CD 2009, the CD is to be launched at the SXSW festival in Austin Texas in March

Casper Hauser is currently working on his second LP
Have a look at the vid, listen to the debut LP, and read what people said.

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You can download Casper Hauser's debut LP "It's About time" for £6.00
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What people have said
i think the song really does a brilliant job of, how can i say it, representing magazine. Not sure if thats the right words but i know what i mean and i believe you do too.
You have a bright future.

Howard Devoto Lead singer of Magazine
Casper Hauser is a terminal teenager. Not sure what he wants to be, he tries a bit of everything. Consequently his download-only LP It’s About Time sounds like eleven dazzling essays in how to copy your idols.. Headingley-born Hauser may shamelessly plum the depths of his record collection for inspiration, but WHO CARES when he plucks out pearls like these.
Jay Lawrance
sandman magazine

I have to say that I think Mel is a really special song. I've been accused before now of having no emotion which is almost true, , but that is one of the only songs I've ever heard that has actually put a lump in my throat. Superb.


Tell me: are there many musicians who would make you late for a date
with a girl? Upon surfing the net you can find one such guy. Once heard
out of the studio of BBC Radio 1, he very much caught the attention of
the writer of these lines.
'Double Glazing'!  It's not understandable why such a
song can demand so much attention for itself: played only on an
accordion, sung in a monotone voice.
It's some kind of magic! Listen
and be convinced!
Serge a Russian journalist in the UK
Hi, I thought I'd listen to Double Glazing for a second time and now I feel a wrench in my stomach, quite wierd and emotional...........
Yeah i heard your track on the bbc and i have to say, not to enlarge your ego at all, but it is one of the best things i have heard this year.

Hi Andy just bought the album and may i say WOW!!!!!!!!!!!


My little 4 year old girl and I were watching your video and out of nowhere she said "this is great music!" So you have a wide demographic appeal. My wife is already whistling the song from your video even though she just heard it from the other room.
“Hi Andy, Your album charted this week at number nine on our stations top 30”

Kath USA
WITR New york college station

Okay I also find the catchy beat of Double Glazing to be fabulous.  It has
actually been stuck in my head for several days!
Kaydee from USA
Well thankyou very much for ruining my make up this morning. What a beautiful song. I had to go in the kitchen so the boys didn't see me cry.
"Casper Hauser is an amazing new artist. He has many tracks that are amazingly good on this first cd of his. 'Double Glazing' is quite possibly the newest alternative hit, while 'It's OK' is one to just make you feel good all over. All of these tracks are fantastic and if you are of any music listener at all [sic] then you need to add this to your collection."
Itunes review USA
Just had to say I wish I had known mel, what a song.
The whole LP is full of wit and sadness in equal measure, Playground and Guess who are sure singles, and after hearing the brilliant Double Glazing on Radio one, I knew I would love this LP, a brilliant Debut.
Itunes review
A must buy for peole who like punky songs with heart..
itunes review
just thought ide say that that tune of yours , Double Glazing is fantastic!!!  I SERIOUSLY cant get it out of my head. The backing vox make it.


Comments from the judges about "Double Glazing" which became a finalist in the pop and indie category in the "Peoples Music Awards" 2009

This is interesting its good to hear a new song with a lyric worth listening to. The vocals are good, Good song, Keep up the writing and develop the live band!

mick glossop / Producer / Van Morrison, waterboys, frank zappa, wonderstuff.......

Interesting song with quite clever lyrics.
Overall a well-crafted song performed well and with some interesting production touches.

tony platt / engineer & mixer / Bob Marley, Led Zepplin, Iron Maiden, The who, Rolling stones. The cult , Motorhead

This song has original lyrical content, which is always nice to find and the composition is interestingly left of field, You have a interesting lyrical approach, Really good entry!

andrew hayman / writer producer / All saints, Ronan Keating, sugababes, sclub

Some great ideas here. Good vibe and a good track behind the production. You know what is always said. If the track can be delivered successfully with an acoustic guitar and vocals, its a good song well this is close to that. the track is well written and the lyrics are delivered well. The production values here are well thought out and work really well. Great vibe which does you really well.
Good work which is really well delivered. overall an excellent vibe

russ hepworth-sawyer / engineer & senior lecturer /founder of MOTTO sound

There is good range of layers throughout the track and it has a catchy hook with happy chord progressions .
Good track - keep going, would like to hear more !

alex kenning / Radio producer & DJ /Radio 1, Rock show, judge jules, mary ann hobbs, Giles peterson, eddie halliwell

I did like the use of lots of acoustic, quirky sounds.

Hayden Bendall / Chief engineer abbey road / Kate Bush, Paul MCcartney, Pet shop boys, Elton John, Tori Amos

The song has interesting lyrics. They made me listen which is great. The lyrics are not run of the mill and exude a lot of character too. It’s lean, does what it wants/needs to do and gets out. It’s well put together in that sense. It’s an accomplished piece of writing from someone who sounds like they know what they are doing.

Danny Cope / Course leader Popular music studies Leeds college of music /

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